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In the heart of the Condado
El Canario
Neighborhood El Canario by the Lagoon is located in the most exclusive area of San Juan, making our everyday low rates even more impressive.

Not only is the Condado a major tourist area, but it is also the most sought-after and prestigious residential area in San Juan and all of Puerto Rico.

Perhaps the true center of Condado is the park at Magdelena Ave. and Cervantes Street.

 Local residents use this park as their outdoor salon...  and you're welcome to join in to get a taste of local life....


Make sure to pay a special visit to the fountain with the statue of ' Juan Bobo ' which portrays a legendary Puerto Rican 'Jibaro' or country bumpkin who constantly entertains children and adults alike.  Here 'Juan Bobo' is at the height of his creativity - trying to use a basket to carry water on his head......don't get too close or you may get wet before you get to the beach!


The Marriott Hotel and Stellaris Casino has become a focal point for the entire Condado Area. part of the Marriott complex is the Cherry Blossom - featuring the best in Japanese food including Sushi and Teppanaki Tables. Check out their 'early bird specials'.


This intersection is perhaps the most important center of activity in the Condado, since the Walgreen's Drug Store is open 24 hours a day - for whatever you need including the New York Times and Miami Herald....  A new addition next door is the Latin Star Restaurant - for typical Puerto Rican food at reasonable prices - which is also open 24 hours!  You'll also find an internet cafe on this block.

This is also the corner for the Diamond Palace Casino along with their rooftop Italian Restaurant 'Martinos' with a spectacular romantic view.  But don't get distracted with too much shopping and eating.....

If we go back to Ashford Avenue, you can continue on toward El Canario by the Lagoon - passing the International Fitness Gym, several very interesting, but slightly - beach style shops and bookstores....  Restaurants include 'Cafe del Angel' for local food, Wendy's, Subway, Baskin Robins Ice Cream.. or Dunkin Donuts  anytime you need a break...


For those looking for a healthy choice - check out the newly renovated 'Natural Foods' restaurant just next to Wendy 's. a short detour to the left of the 'All in One' mini-mart is the local branch of the U.S. Post Office and a few more elegant restaurants. 

Heading back down Ashford Avenue, you will pass Banco Popular,  the luxurious Zen Spa, some very high end shopping and Cartier.  


All of these shops are opposite the new "La Gran Ventana al Mar" or Grand Window to the Sea which is a fantastic new park created where the old convention center used to be located.  This large park offers a great oceanfront promenade and easy access to the beach at the newly renovated 'La Concha' Renaissance Hotel.

When you come to Cartier and Avis, take a left on Joffre Street and you'll soon come to Calle Clemencau and El Canario by the Lagoon.   

Just past El Canario by the Lagoon, you'll find the Condado Lagoon for windsurfing and kayaking.... that's not all - if you continue on Ashford Avenue, you'll pass 'Great Taste' Chinese Restaurant, Ajili Mojili - perhaps the most famous restaurant for typical Puerto Rican food (elegant and somewhat pricey) and then Chilis, before coming to the Wyndham Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino with several other dining spots. Condado Plaza, there is a wonderful beach for children where the lagoon meets the ocean - and if you take the walk across the long Dos Hermanos bridge, you'll get a stunning view before coming to the Hilton Hotel & Casino and Normandie Hotel which was built to resemble the classic ocean liner.  

If you need more options or need to be steered to the local nightlife, just ask your front desk manager and they will be happy to make suggestions to help make sure your stay in our very special neighborhood as enjoyable as possible.

If you want an easy way to get around - just look for one of the bus stops and jump on - its only 75 cents (exact change required). The C53 goes to the Convention Center and Old San Juan in one direction or Ocean Park, Punta las Marias and Isla Verde in the other direction.











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